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Kuka Cough Fighter for chronic bronchitis and asthma

coughingMany of you cure their cough at home by taking over the counter medicines or liquids and with that, they feel instant relief. But after few days the same problem occurs again. Then again you buy another medicine and feel instant relief and this process goes on. Tell me one thing, what is the benefit of spending your money or time on that treatment which is not working? Why don’t you try something else? Don’t you know the other treatment options? There are many treatment options which can cure a cough very easily.

ayurveda2Apart from many diseases, ayurvedic remedies are the best option. Yes, I know this is the oldest treatment but this oldest treatment still has the capability to cure disease like no one can do. This is the reason that today I am here to tell you about a remedy which can cure a cough very easily and the name of that topic is Kuka Cough syrup.

Kuka Cough Fighter for Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma

kuka-cough-fighter-500x500Kuka Cough Fighter for chronic bronchitis and asthma is the best remedy and why is this so that, you can read ahead. Along with this, you will also see in this article how Kuka Cough Fighter for chronic bronchitis and asthma is the perfect cure. It is the remedy which can cure almost all types of a cough.

As you all know coughing is the most irritating and uncomfortable condition and in this condition can be cured with Kuka Cough fighter very easily. Kuka Cough fighter is made of many potent and constructive ingredients and this is the reason that it can cure all types of a cough efficiently. The key ingredient in Kuka cough fighter is Kulanjan, vasa and mulhati. This remedy is also contain Tulsi, pippali and pudina satva. The combination of these medicinal herbs helps in the treatment of respiratory infections.

asthma personKuka Cough Fighter for chronic bronchitis and asthma is the safest cure. This is also effective in treating productive cough. A dry cough can also be cured with this remedy. If you are suffering from cold with running nose, use this remedy without taking any tension.

Bronchitis and sore throat are the conditions from which many people are suffering and if you are also one of those, use Kuka Cough Fighter. Kuka Cough Fighter for chronic bronchitis and asthma is the best way to cure respiratory diseases.


ingredients..The ingredients also play an essential role in treating these types of health issues. It has Tulsi-50mg, vasaka-400mg, kulinjana-400mg, yashtimadhu-400, pipalli-200mg and pudina satva-2mg. These are the ingredients which make this remedy so potent and effective. There is one more reason behind its effectiveness and that is Ayurveda. Yes, this is a part of Ayurveda and Ayurvedic remedies never disappoint.


ayurveda 3Ayurveda means the science of life and this is the treatment which is between us more than 3000 years. Till this date, this is the best treatment and the way this treatment can cure diseases there is no one which can do that. Because allopathic medicines are easy to find, people are totally relying on these medicines. But, do you know the later effects of medicines? This is the worst thing which you can consume. If you have a treatment like Ayurveda, why you want to go with allopathic medicines?


doshageHere, is the best and important part of this article- does. Doses are the most important part not only in Ayurveda but also in allopathic because if you consume remedy more than the recommendation, you can get side effects. In Kuka cough syrup, 2.5 to 3 ml three times a day the best dose if you are giving this to children. Adults can take 5 ml three times a day.

So, these are some points which I wanted to clarify because I wanted you to understand the power of ayurvedic remedies. Just keep one thing in your mind and that is if you want to stay healthy and fit, use only and only ayurvedic remedies.


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