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The traditional but magical practice- Onion on feet for cough

coughAre you dealing with a persistent cough that is affecting your daily activities? A cough is a very common health issue that can affect any person regardless of time but it is most common in winter or when the temperature changes. If you have tired of taking medicines or drugs, you should switch to natural remedies. Yes, many people curious about making home remedies but also confuse whether they work or not. Let me tell you that natural ingredients are always the best options that can cure your cough more effectively than drugs. In this article, we are going to tell you an amazing natural remedy that will give you unbelievable results.

What Is Coughing?

What-is-CoughCoughing is actually a process that helps in getting rid of the harmful substances from the respiratory track. In most cases, coughing is good for the body but it can become uncomfortable when it is persistent and severe. This will results in the air in the lungs forced out under high pressure.

Well, a cough can easily be treated with the help of using home remedies. Onion on feet for cough treatment is one of the powerful natural remedies that is used to alleviate a cough.

Onion on Feet For Cough Treatment

onion on feet for coughOnion is one of the powerful healing herbs that is used for treating many health ailments such as a cough, fever, and flu. Onion on feet for cough treatment may sound awkward but this is a magical treatment. In traditional time, people used onion on feet remedy to get rid of a persistent cough, fever and flu. This is not a new idea. You might be thinking how onion on feet for a cough can treat this problem. So, here are the facts that make you sure that onion on feet for cough treatment is the best remedy.

The Chinese medicines found that there are thousands of tiny nerves ending on the bottom of the feet. These nerve ending actually acts as an access point to the internal organs. These tiny nerves are closely linked to the nerve system. So, when you put onion on the feet, they will affect your internal parts of the body. Onions have actually antiviral and antibacterial properties that help in alleviating the cough. When you cut an onion and place it on the bottom of the feet, it will work by removing the toxins and heal your body also. Onions help in detoxing the body because they are rich in sulphuric compounds. These compounds are responsible for its strong odor. Sulfur helps the body to release the unwanted toxins from the body.

Benefits of Onion on feet for cough

onionOnions have the ability to eliminate the viruses and bacteria. They have been using for centuries as an effective treatment option for a cough.  You simply need to place sliced onion round on the bottom of the feet. Tae or wear a sock to hold the onion slices in place. This method will pull the viruses out of the body through the foot. This method is also great for pulling out the fever. When you see the onions in the morning, you will find them typically black because it is filled with toxins. Our feet are the most absorbent parts of the body. If you place onion on feet for cough treatment, it will surely work.

onion adn coughIf you repeat this method regularly, your cough will go away within some days. Onion is the traditional but a magical method of alleviating cough and fever. This is the best remedy who do not want to eat onion. Onion on feet for a cough will work like a magic and cure your problem quickly. Onions are more suitable for children, elder and for the people who are not crazy about other remedies. The topical application of the onions will surely give you good results and cure your problem easily.

A cough is a really frustrating situation. It is really annoying that you are continuously disturbing the whole class or meeting. The best option is to try some effective natural remedy to get rid of this annoying situation fast.  Onion on feet is the great option and it is really easy to use. It will treat from mild to a severe cough as it will tackle the root cause of the problem.  So, if you are dealing with this frustrating condition, try this remedy and I am sure you will love the results.

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