How to deal with garlic allergy?

garlicGarlic, isn’t an astonishing ingredient which can make your food more delicious? Is it right? But here are some people who are suffering from garlic allergy. Yes, by consuming garlic you can get side effects. Well, We are here today to discuss not only about garlic allergies but also about garlic allergy remedy.

Do you know what garlic allergy is? I know here you will say that this is kind of a food allergy right? Yes, it is but how and why a person gets this don’t you want to know? You want right? So, read below and get answers of all your questions. You all know that garlic is a valuable ingredient which can be used both for better taste and health benefits.

You have probably seen or heard about the benefits of eating consuming garlic but there are very few cases of having garlic allergies. A garlic allergy is rare and if you’re allergic to garlic, you can become allergic to both raw and cooked garlic.

garlic allergyGarlic allergies occur when your body’s immune system mistakenly identify garlic as a harmful substance and produce antibodies to fight it off.  This reaction can occur within two hours after ingesting or touching garlic.  The severity of its reaction can be acute or mild because it totally depends on the quantity means how much the affected person ate and which level of the sensitivity the affected person have.

If the affected person consumes this or smells it, the garlic allergic reaction triggers. You can experience inflammation and irritation in this condition which is very common symptoms. It’s in the studies that this condition can also cause heartburn and breathing difficulties. This is a scenario which everyone can’t understand. So unless the patient does any medical test, it is very difficult to differentiate about this condition.

What Causes Garlic Allergy?

garlic allergy symptomsThe garlic allergy caused by the acid in it. Allicin is an active compound which is present in this garlic. This can comes out when you use this as crushed, sliced or minced. This is only for raw garlic if use cooked garlic, allicin goes away.  So you can eat this cooked and in order to do that, you have cook it for a long time and high temperature. This is the main reason that sufferers eat only home food rather than from any restaurants.

It is not that you have to live with this uncomfort for a whole life you can treat its symptoms effectively at home. There are several garlic allergy remedies available which can cure this disease effectively. You can use both medicines and natural treatments. If you want to use medicines so you can use anti-inflammatory supplements like Bromilien and HCI tablets. See these are two effective medicines which are known to cure the symptoms of this disease.

You have to take these medicines 20 minutes before or after you eat meal. You can take this, but, taking medicines for every condition whether it is small or big can cause side effects. Yes, using more medicines can cause side effects. So if you don’t want to get side effects, you can go for natural treatment.

Garlic Allergy Remedies

tablets for garlic allergyGarlic allergy remedy can be found anywhere, in fact, you can get a perfect cure for this right in your kitchen. You can use honey as you know honey is a natural ingredient which has not only anti-inflammatory properties but also many other health benefits. You just have to apply honey directly on the affected area of the skin. Leave this for few minutes then wash it off. Try this method for 3-4 times in a day for better results.

Apart from this, you can drink green tea without milk and sugar. This is the perfect way to deal with these types of issues because it is loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrients those have powerful effects on the body. If the patient is not allergic to ragweed, he/she can drink chamomile tea. This tea has many beneficial properties which can help you to get rid of this condition.

GarlicAnother garlic allergy remedy is apple cider vinegar. This is best garlic allergic remedy and by this, you can cure the symptoms of this disease very effectively. You just need to dilute apple cider vinegar in warm water and with the help of cotton swab apply on the affected part of the skin. These are some ways by which you can treat the symptoms of garlic allergy. Don’t you think that apart from using any kind of garlic allergic remedy you should try to prevent the symptoms from occurring? For that you just have to be careful while eating and try to avoid touch, smell and eat those food products which contain garlic in it. Just remember one thing and that is- prevention is better than cure.


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