5 Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

5 Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Pink eye is also called conjunctivitis is a bacterial and viral infection which causes pink or reddish eye. You can see this infection in the outer layer of the eye that covers the white part of the eye called sclera. The symptoms of viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are pretty much similar. Symptoms of pink eye are redness, itching, swelling and mucous production that can firmly joint the eyelids while sleeping. If this happens, you can dip a soft cloth in warm water and then gently apply to the infected eye. Try to clear the mucous as soon as possible and allow the eyes to open. You can cure the infection of pink eye with the easiest way. Pink eye is the infection which can spread through contact with an infected person. There are 3 types of pink eye such as

Viral pink eyeViral pink eye for natural remedies for pink eyes

Viral pink eye infection is a very common complication which caused by the virus. This is a common contagious virus that causes sour throat and many other infections. The herpes virus can also cause pink eye. Sometimes it is get cured by itself but the problem is, it is a highly infectious infection that can easily transmits through one person to other.

Bacterial pink eye

Bacterial pink eye for natural remedies for pink eyesBacterial pink eye is also a common infection that causes pink eyes and it can spread easily. It happens when the bacteria enter in the eye or the surrounding area of the eye.

Allergic pink eyeAllergic pink eye for natural remedies for pink eyes

Allergic pink eye is the infection which causes by polluted air and dust. It is not like other common infections and it’s serious because it can harm your both eyes.
You will be very happy to know that today we are going to talk about 5 natural remedies that can help you in the situation of pink eye.

Some of The Best Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Holy basil 

use Holy basil as a natueal remedies for pink eyesHoly basil is known for its healing qualities. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which protect your eyes from environmental damage. It also has the power to fight from viral, bacterial and fungal infections in the eyes. You can soak Holy basil in water for 10 minutes then use this water as an eye wash.

Green tea use green tea as a natural remedies

Green tea is one of the best natural ingredients that help relieving in pink eye infection. It also fights with viral infections and bacteria. You can use cool green tea as an eye wash. You can also use tea bags to get relieve from pink eye infection. You can also use black tea because it contains tennis that reduces inflammation and itching. You can also use this as precaution for pink eye from prevention.

Aloe Vera gel

use Aloe Vera gel as natural remedies for pink eyesAloe Vera gel has so many components which can be very beneficial in treating pink eyes. It has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties that reduce the intensity of pink eyes. Some other beneficial components of aloe vera such as antioxidants, alkaline and anti-inflammatory properties have the ability to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process of this infection. Once you noticed the sins of pink eye, just put this around your eyes and eyelid. Study shows that aloe vera gel can be used in eye drops to treat inflammation and other parts of the eye.

Turmericuse Turmeric as a natural remedies for pink eyes

Turmeric is one of the best natural remedies for pink eye. It has great healing components that reduce the inflammation and lessen the time of wound healing. It also has anti-bacterial properties that can relieve pink eye symptoms. Turmeric is very helpful in many w ays, it can reduce fever diarrhea and cough. Turmeric is also used to remove mucus from throat.

Indian Lilac Oil

use indian lilac Oil as a natural remedies for pink eyesIndian Lilac has soothing and gentle properties that provide you relief from irritated skin. It also has anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties that can also provide you relief from conjunctivitis indications. You can use Indian Lilac oil around you eye to get relieve from pink eye infections.

The Above mentioned natural remedies for pink eye are very effective and tested. To know about more remedies for any type of viral infection visit here.

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