Facing respiratory problems – use vat chintamani ras (smy)

As our respiratory system never take rest so it is important to keep them healthy by doing some small efforts. Here, some of you might say that we do lots of things but still get the diseases which are caused by poor respiratory health, right? […]

kuka cough fighther

Kuka Cough Fighter for chronic bronchitis and asthma

Many of you cure their cough at home by taking over the counter medicines or liquids and with that, they feel instant relief. But after few days the same problem occurs again. Then again you buy another medicine and feel instant relief and this process […]


Become a healthy individual with Prawal Bhasma

Do you want to become a healthy individual? I think all we want to become a healthy person having no health issues. The question is how it is possible when we are living in a world where a number of health issues are ready always […]

onion for cough

The traditional but magical practice- Onion on feet for cough

Are you dealing with a persistent cough that is affecting your daily activities? A cough is a very common health issue that can affect any person regardless of time but it is most common in winter or when the temperature changes. If you have tired […]


How to deal with garlic allergy?

Garlic, isn’t an astonishing ingredient which can make your food more delicious? Is it right? But here are some people who are suffering from garlic allergy. Yes, by consuming garlic you can get side effects. Well, We are here today to discuss not only about […]


How to treat viral infection instantly with natural cure?

With the sudden changes in the environment, the number of seasonal and viral infections come around. Did you know that there are more than 400 different viruses that can cause common cold, cough, hepatitis and flu? Viral infections are one of the most common illnesses […]

What is The Causes of Mouth Ulcers in Your Child?

A mouth ulcer is a problem which is affecting the people worldwide. These are little sores that come up inside the mouth, on the tongue or gums. It can be quite painful, but it is not a chronic disease hence your child does not need […]